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Long loft Weekend | 16. - 18. June 2023

We warmly invite you to our Long Loft Weekend featuring three Milongas with internationally acclaimed DJs.

We want this weekend to be a mixture of local, regional and international dancers that will enjoy a warm and welcoming event. We have a top line up of DJs: Martin - our local DJ, Claudio travelling from Paris and Gabriela travelling from Bucharest to bring you the very best of traditional tango.

So, let’s get ready for a great weekend of dancing!

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Milonga Friday | 16th June

  • Doors open 21:30 hrs – open end
  • DJ Claudio Coppola [Paris]

Milonga Saturday | 17th June

  • Doors open 21:30 hrs – open end
  • DJane Gabriela Manea [Bucharest]

Milonga Sunday | 18th June

  • Doors open 15:00 hrs – ca. 20:00 hrs
  • DJ Martin Lutsch [Stuttgart]

Booking & Prices

Booking in advance

You can book 1, 2 or 3 milongas in advance on our website, entrance is € 15,00 for each Milonga. Advance booking is open until 8th June 2023.

Entrance for spontaneous visitors

Spontaneous visitors have the option to pay cash at the door: € 20,00 for each Milonga.

Further information

Tangoloft will be open on Sunday from 12:00 hrs so if you have to check out from the hotel you can deposit your luggage with us or - even better - have a late breakfast at tangoloft.

Please let uns know in advance if you consider one of these options (latest on Staurday you have the possibility to book this directley on site).


Booking procedure

To book the weekend, you must first register. Please go to "mein Konto" in the menu and enter your user information, choose the option "Buchung von Veranstaltungen" to enable the booking function for events.

When you have done this, click the link below, go to the foot of the page and choose what you want to book. You will be led through the booking process. You will be asked to provide your personal data and to choose the payment option. You can either pay with Paypal oder bank transfer (=Vorkasse; please note that you have to pay within 7 days). Be careful not to activate the link "Buchung abbrechen", you will delete your booking, your cart will be emptied and you will have to start again.

Please note: If you book several milongas, you must click the button(s) "Die Daten von Teilnehmer 1/2  in alle anderen Veranstaltungen als Teilnehmer 1/2 übernehmen." when entering the participant data to transfer your data to all milongas in your shopping cart. Alternatively you can enter the data for each milonga separately. The booking system will only let you proceed, when the data for all milongas has been entered in full.

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If you have a problem with the booking process, please contact >Kenneth<.

Accommodation options

There are many hotels near tangoloft - here is a small selection: